50 Pack - 3/4" Round Stamping Blanks - 22 Gauge (.025") Aluminum

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Our CleverDelights 3/4" round aluminum blanks are great for your stamping, engraving, and etching projects. They may also be used as ID badges, valve tags, or countless other uses. Some edges may require some light filing for maximum smoothness and to remove any mild burring. These are raw aluminum blanks and can be further finished for an even more professional look. Check out helpful youtube videos and other online articles on working with raw aluminum blanks for more useful tips and tricks.


  • Aluminum stamping blanks - Raw material - Ready for finishing
  • Diameter: 0.75 inch (19.05mm) -- Thickness: 22 gauge (.025" / 0.65mm) -- No Hole
  • Perfect for stamping, etching, and engraving -- One side has a protective film cover
  • Aluminum does not rust and is 66% lighter than steel making it the optimal metal to work with in most situations