14" Natural Burlap - Industrial Grade - 50 Yard Roll - Tight-Weave Jute Burlap Fabric

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Our industrial grade burlap rolls are commonly used for various agricultural and commercial purposes. These rolls can also be utilized as table runners or for craft and decorative projects, but may require some trimming using a pair of scissors. Alternatively, many professional decorators prefer untrimmed burlap for a fully rustic and natural appearance.


  • Natural burlap color -- Tight weave fabric
  • Made from eco-friendly natural jute burlap with hefty 10oz biodegradable fibers
  • Industrial quality burlap rolls -- Commonly used for tree and plant protection, landscaping, agriculture, camouflage, and other uses
  • Can also be used for craft and decorative purposes -- May require trimming for optimal appearance

This burlap is made from natural jute plant fibers. Fresh jute burlap fabrics may have a mild, natural plant odor. To remove any undesired odors, the most effective method is to air out the burlap (preferably in sunlight) prior to use.